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I find short-form works fascinating. I make lots of miniatures and sometimes perform/present them as longer sets. These miniatures have been integral to the Skiks project, some of my notated works, and many electroacoustic and improvised pieces from the last few years. Many of these works have been shared with the Society for Shorty New Music group (currently on Facebook). Sets of miniatures have been featured in the Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival (e.g., Dance Miniatures in BEAF 2011 [see video]). I created a festival devoted to miniatures in November 2010 (text blurb below).


MF consists of two shows of musical pieces, videos, songs, and improvisations up to two-minutes in duration. The style and scope of the approximately 140 artists performing and being presented are extremely varied. Within the concerts MF is about 60% international music-videos and 40% live performances by adventurous local artists. The lobbies will contain local video and installation art. MF is a co-presentation of Sound Culture, Vox Novus/60x60 Project, and WWU Music.

Musical miniatures are fascinating. They tend to betray immediacy, formal economy, and (paradoxically) explorations that might be more problematic in a longer time-frame. Miniatures strung together into a continuous set can form a kind of meta-piece, one in which whether one likes what's happening or not, something new is just around the corner. Many artists can participate, highlighting the musical diversity a location has to offer. They can also be challenging, as there is little time for development of ideas, and many short contrasting sections in a row can create a bewildering experience for some; the ordering of pieces can be very important! We at sound culture love musical challenges and challenging music. We also really like many local artists and love collaborating with them.

sound culture is a Bellingham organization dedicated to expanding accessibility to fascinating music and sound art in its many forms. So far our projects have involved concerts and festivals though we have other ideas involving education and outreach for the future. SC is the driving force behind BEAF (Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival) which is among the most eclectic electronic music festivals in the world. SC also organized Juana Molina's recent visit to Bellingham and helped arrange The Books' lecture at WWU in 2009. Minifest is one of a series of themed events SC is hoping to manifest.

The 60x60 project is a concept developed by NYC composer Robert Voisey and implemented by the Vox Novus collective. Every year hundreds of 1-minute works are submitted, chosen, and carefully placed into hour-long mixes, sometimes with accompanying video or choreography. These mixes are then presented in concerts and festivals around the world.