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Want to hear some tracks/excerpts? In addition to the sound clips available through the discography links, the Non Sequitur publishing page and below, I have over a hundred tracks streaming at alonetone; as well as some at soundcloud, myspace; and weekly postings at Sound-In (formerly ImprovFriday). I also have tracks and videos posted on my youtube channel.

Below is a small selection of pieces/excerpts not available on the discography page:

Still (2010) - a meditative electroacoustic expansion of my 1994 piece "Still Life" for solo clarinet, using a live recording by Tasha Warren as the sole sound source. The new work is about twice as long as the original: the clarinet lines are transformed into twisting counterpoint, deep bass tones, and xenharmonic pads. Ambient noise is pushed to the foreground, and drone episodes in just intonation open up the piece from the inside. Presented at Indiana University (guest lecture) and at SEAMUS 2011.

steerjuque (2010) - keyboard percussion + xenharmonic dulcimer + drum machine + warbly strings + saturated bass + field recordings

glibs (2010) - ImprovFriday mashup feat. Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Adam Kondor, Paul Muller (see video at YT)

pastone (2010) - uses a section from my mixed qintet Two Pastorales as recorded by the Seattle New Music Ensemble

for richard (2012) - short piece for Richard Lainhart dedication at ImprovFriday

treehouse cellar - composed in 2010 for the Shorty 'Stories' event and featured in the 2011 Bellingham 'Winter Commission' exhibit

reverie (2002) - electric toothbrush + computer (fixed version); presented and performed at SEAMUS, Decibel Festival, NWEAMO Festival and at WWU.

harso (2011) - harmonic series arpeggiator madness

loiter (2005) - an old unreleased downtempo Skiks track I still like

tenner (2011) - tweaked improv in 10edo

verges excerpt - from a 1996 work for mixed septet (Indiana University New Music Ensemble); performances include IU premiere, ALEA III (Boston), Midwest Composers Symposium (Oberlin), June in Buffalo

redshifted (2011) - ambient xenharmonic

portals excerpt - from a 2004 work for percussionist and tape (Marc Wooldridge, percussion); performances include Electronic Music Midwest, SCI Region VI Conference (San Antonio, TX), various recitals

tata vari (2010) - having too much fun with a Roland metronome

step in (2011) - from the Shorty picture scoring challenge

Rider excerpt - from a 2002 work for wind ensemble (Indiana University Wind Ensemble); performances include premiere at IU, 2003 SCI National Conference (Edmond, OK)

doorjam (2009) - an ImprovFriday tweaked percussive improv

drem (2011) - for the Shorty 'dream' event

furse (2011) - ambient "guitar" + processing

jupp (reich remix) (2010) - for the Indaba Steve Reich remix contest

kinetikos excerpt - from a 1994 work for 15 instruments (Indiana University New Music Ensemble); performances include premiere at IU, 1995 SCI National Conference (Iowa City)

dober (2010) max/msp improv + tweaks; semi-hypnotic

luskin (2011) - improv with mixed intonations

secret spaces (2010) - featured at BEAF 2011 and at the Center for Performance Research in Brooklyn (Susan Haines, choreographer), 8/11